I can’t believe it – I’m overjoyed to say ‘welcome to my new website’

There have been times when I thought this day would never come with problem after issue after problem I’ve had.  But nine months after starting the new website, seven months after it was supposed to launch, and just seven working days (spread over a few weeks!!) of me taking control and building it (almost!) by myself – it is finally here!!

Big shout outs now to some Sisters – without whom, I couldn’t have done this.  Both these ladies run their own successful small businesses (and I love supporting small businesses – especially girl powered ones!!)

Firstly – Suzanne Leusby at Pink Interactive.  She has been amazing in the help and guidance she has given me.  She has helped me take control of this website and I’m truly grateful. It helps that she lives across the road and I can shout loud!  I thoroughly recommend Suzanne if you need anything related to websites doing – she can help you.

Secondly – Katherine Reynolds at The Business Beautician.  I bought Katherine’s online website building course (Online Gorgeous) in desperation as I simply couldn’t afford to have one built.  The course is fabulous and has got me from no website to pretty-ok-for-a-first-go website in a very short amount of time.

Keep a lookout now for blog updates on all things Locket and remember to join my VIP Club for the chance to win a piece of personalised jewellery every quarter!!