Hi - and welcome to LillyLocket Fingerprint Jewellery

 I’m Fran.  I’m 48 years old, orignally from Heeley in Sheffield now living in Derbyshire with my hubby and our 2 boys.  This is us all together on a family photo shoot we had late Summer 2020 (when we weren’t in lockdown)*.


 I’ve been making solid silver jewellery since 2013, my inspiration coming from being 40 and wanting to do ’40 things at 40′.  I made my list and on it was a little throwaway one liner ‘make some jewellery’.  I’d bought Andrew (the now hubby!) a pair of fingerprint cufflinks a few years before for his 40th and was fascinated by how they were made and how special they were.  I though it would be great to have a go.  I spent a few months researching and spending small amounts of money each month on buying supplies, alongside begging and borrowing and stealing tools from Andrew before finally making my first piece.  It was a triumph back then but keep it now as a reminder of how far I’ve developed my skills!

I then started making pieces for friends and family and it grew from there.  October 2013 saw a redundancy opportunity present itself at work so I thought why not give it a go full time.  LillyLocket Fingerprint Jewellery was officially born on 29th January 2014.

In 2016, an opportunity (too good to pass up) to run a family business presented itself, so Andrew and I now also run a local golf club – Barlborough Links Golf Club.  I’m still making jewellery alongside this so please do contact me if you wish to discuss an order.

*Photo by photographer, Adele McCarthy Watson of Fly on the Wall Photography.  Adele took some fantastic photos of us – I wish I’d had them done sooner.  Check out Adeles website above – she does stunning photo shoots and I highly recommend her.  No seriously, check her out!