How Do I Order?

Lets get started……..

Firstly, choose a contact method – telephone:  0753 937 6631 or email: .  Think about the type of jewellery you already like or pieces you already have that you would like to add to.  Think about whether you prefer fingerprints or hand/footprints, and how many prints you want featuring.  Do you want any text?  Consider what shape you might like and if you like subtle or shiny pieces.  We will chat through your idea, agree a design and I’ll tell you how much it will cost.  I have payment plans available if you wish to spread the cost over 4 months.  Further details on payment plans can be found on my FAQ’s here (you will need to scroll down – sorry techie glitch!).

You can leave the conversation there if you wish and take some time to think about it.  I don’t pester or pressure you to order –  I’ll make contact with you after about a week just to make sure you have all the info you need and to see if you have any further questions.  If and when you are ready to order a special piece of keepsake jewellery, just contact me and we’ll take it from there.


When you decide to go ahead, you will need to pay when you order.  Due to these pieces being completely bespoke and personalised, I would be unable hold them as stock and re-sell them.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.  Please read my detailed T&C’s here (again scroll down – its another techie glitch!) for details on The Sale of Goods Act and the exemption of bespoke goods from the usual cooling off period.  Postage of your finished pieces is not included in the price – please see T&C’s here (you guessed it!  Scroll down because of that baaaad techie glitch!) for postage details.


We will then talk about prints and how to get them if you don’t have them already.  There are two methods for taking prints – moulding compound (fingerprints) and inkless wipe kits (hand/foot/paw prints – I can do fingerprints from ink kits however it is a different type of print).  Print packs will either be posted out or you can collect from me.  Postage to collect and return print packs is included in the price.  If you haven’t quite decided what you want t order, but need to take prints, I can post out a print pack, however I will need a £10 payment for the print pack before it is sent out.  This will be done via Paypal invoice and the pack won’t be sent until payment has been received.  This is a recent change due to me sending out print packs on goodwill and not hearing from people again so I’m out of pocket which isn’t fair.  The £10 print pack payment will then be deducted from the price quoted once you return your prints.  Full instructions are included with the print packs, along with a printed copy of my T&C’s and a short order form which I will complete as much as  possible from the design we have discussed.  We can chat through any blanks or anything you aren’t clear on.


Once you have returned your prints and made payment, I will start work on your jewellery.   You can normally expect to receive your finished piece within three weeks.  Exemptions apply – see here (scroll down for the last time – last techie glitch – yay!!).

I will email you progress photos and any updates.  You remain totally in charge of your piece and we can change things as many times as needed to ensure you get your perfect piece of keepsake jewellery.