Memorial Lockets


Memorial Locket



My sincere condolences on your loss if your search has brought you to here.  I will do everything I can to make you a beautiful piece of keepsake jewellery to remember your loved one by.

If you already have prints taken by the hospital or funeral director, simply email these to me, or you can take a screen shot and message them/WhatsApp to me – they don’t need to leave your posession.

If you need a print kit sending out urgently, please give me a call and I will do my utmost to deliver, arrange for you to collect, or post a kit out the same day.

If there unfortunately isn’t time to wait for a print kit, simply get a pencil, a piece of white paper and several pieces of sellotape.  Shade a box a little bigger than the print on the paper, rub the finger over the pencil box, then print onto the sellotape.  Do this several times and stick the sellotape to a clean part of the paper. You are looking to get clear prints without smudges, so keep going until you get a good clear print, even  if its faint.   Ink prints are a different type of print to moulded prints and are better for memorial lockets like these:

Oval finger hand foot paw print sterling silver locket

I can provide lockets or work with a locket you provide.

The price above is for making the charm and setting it into a locket.  I can provide lockets at an additional cost, or work with a locket you provide.

Times of loss are stressful enough and my aim is to make this process as easy for you as possible for you.